Tagger technology

Here at Urban Battlefields, we use the best equipment with the very latest technology.

All our taggers are made from an extremely durable, military graded polymer which makes for a very light weight tagger for all ages and abilities.

All our taggers have a range of up to 200 meters with a real-time electronic red dot scope for added accuracy and a LED display with information about armour and ammunition. Don’t worry, your tagger will talk to you giving you information when you are low on armour or when to reload ammunition. However, if you are unlucky and have been eliminated then your tagger will prompt you to rush back to respawn.

Domination Box


Just like video gaming our equipment makes it possible to play varied types of games from total elimination, capture the flag and everyone’s favourite domination.


Gone are the days of grabbing a flag and running with it, our hi-tec flags are digital and will send a signal to your tagger, just run back to your own base to be victorious.


As with all of our equipment the respawn box is also digital, just head to your designated teams respawn area to be fully revived with life and ammunition to get you back into battle.

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